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    • Certifications
    • Certifications
    • Certifications

    Certified Quality and Sustainability

    Quality care

    The constant quality care means that the recognized Coach Marque Company may rightfully be called a specialist in the transport per coach. Within a Coach Marque company a constant internal control takes place based on the quality manual, while an independent audit authority regularly executes external controls. With this the passenger has the best service for all the tourist, business and recreational transport. Safety, comfort and service are the main things within the Coach Marque company.
    Learn more: www.sktb.nl

    ISO 9001: 2008

    The SKTB.nl certificate is based on quality management standard BS EN ISO 9001 SnelleVliet Coach Company operates according to the ISO 9001 quality standards and is also audited on it every year.
    Learn more: www.nen.nl

    The Envirometer, A multifaceted tool

    The Envirometer is an online calculator that generates a quick and simple overview of your organisation’s environmental impact and carbon footprint. Once you’ve filled in your environmental data, the program gives you an instant overview of the most important issues that contribute to your organisation’s environmental impact. The charts allow you to prioritise policies to curb CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts.
    The Envirometer also provides you with an overview of your environmental costs and efficiency indicators.




    is a European qualification system for sustainable transport of freight and passengers, established or operating in the Rotterdam region. The aim is to improve air quality in and around Rotterdam and help reduce fuel consumption. Ecostars distinguishes the best transport organization in the field of sustainability with the most stars. SnelleVliet works instantaneous to upgrade from **** stars to the full **** ***** star of Ecostars.

    The Green Alternative

    SnelleVliet wants to not only meet the demand of market response. SnelleVliet wants to make the difference in sustainable passenger transport. SnelleVliet Coach Company purchase coaches which will run on Bio-diesel and reduce our ecological footprint even more, so we are proud to say that we are a Green Coach Company.

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