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  • World Rowing Cup
  • World Rowing Cup

Welcome at SnelleVliet Coach company

Your transport partner for the World Rowing Cup Rotterdam

Our company was founded in 1932 and is now, with a fleet of 35 vehicles, one of the largest in the Rotterdam Region. We offer a wide range of vans, buses and coaches for 8 until 82 people. For all kind of services for airport transfers and local transfers for your team.

SnelleVliet not only wants meet the demand of market response. SnelleVliet wants to make the difference in sustainable passenger transport. SnelleVliet Coach Company purchases coaches which f.e. run on Bio-diesel and reduce our ecological footprint, so we are proud to say that we are a Green Coach Company.

All about our Certified Quality and Sustainability



SnelleVliet & Duurzaamheid

SnelleVliet kan wel zeggen dat haar missie is duurzaam te reizen. Maar hoe weet u als klant en passagier dat nou zeker? Omdat SnelleVliet met het maximale aantal van ***** sterren is erkend door ECOSTARS, een Europese erkenningsregeling voor duurzame vervoerders van personen…..

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